The Hubsters modify a kitcar!

Preparing our Students for the Future.

At PT Hub we focus on preparing our students for their future lives. A great deal of work revolves around making sure they are emotionally literate, and our greatest satisfaction comes from being able to reintegrate them back into mainstream education. Alongside this we also continue to Educate our students so that they can achieve their obvious potential and we have had numerous successes in Examinations for a variety of subjects.

We are constantly looking for ways to expand their interests and prepare them for life beyond school and we have recently introduced an opportunity for some of our learners to explore future careers.

We have managed to build a link with a mechanic in Hartlepool which has resulted in four young men being able to learn some quite advanced car maintenance skills. Having purchased two Kit cars, we have given these lads the opportunity to totally rebuild them including teaching them how to spray paint, rebuild engines and have an experienced professional teach them all they need to know in preparation for a career in a garage.

We began by purchasing a Robin Hood S7 from Reading. The car didn’t have an engine and the brakes needed attention including fitting a new handbrake.





Next on the agenda was to renovate the suspension and to reinstate the gearbox with a new clutch and balanced flywheel.




The engine was rebuilt and fitted into the car with new Yamaha Bike carburettors put on for extra speed.



Once the engine had been tuned, we turned our attention to the bodywork. All the fibreglass panels were removed, prepped, and sprayed. A sparkly purple colour was chosen by all, and the lads learned how to spray and lacquer the car.



The finished article is here and after a bit of fettling it passed it’s MOT with no advisories.



We now move onto our next project with two other students. The other boys who built the first car have been rewarded by being given the chance to build a high spec model that belongs to our mechanic. “These lads have earned the right to work on my car as they are very talented” said Phil Berriman (Se7en Point Five autos).



The next project is on its way!!!