As we close another lively half term, we reflect on the countless ways that have made these past few weeks truly remarkable. Our Hub has been alive with the buzz of creativity and the clinking of innovation—from the outstanding frames of a stop motion animation project to the craft of shaping wood into swords and shields. This newsletter is a celebration of these moments, a tapestry of experiences that are shaping the curious and capable minds of our Hubsters 🥰.

Easter Activities

This week saw two of our Hubsters take part in an egg-citing egg drop experiment. Each student carefully wrapped their egg using a variety of carefully selected resources such as bubble wrap and crepe paper. Adding to their inventive designs, they created parachutes from carrier bags, a plan aimed at gently easing their eggs down from a lofty height. The objective was a simple yet challenging one: could their fragile cargo survive the plummet without succumbing to a crack? Much to their egg-citement, the results were a resounding success – both eggs made it to the ground unscathed!

*See the video here*

Hubsters also took part in a fun egg hunt with a difference. A series of crafty riddles that led them to hidden treasures scattered across the Hub, each one a colourful promise of Easter joy. This innovative take on the classic Easter egg hunt left students beaming with satisfaction, having not only found eggs but also unlocked the mysteries behind each cleverly crafted riddle.

Collaborative Mural

One of our Hubsters has embarked on a magnificent project which will result in a complete transformation of our shared space in the Hub. What was a plain blank wall is being decorated in the most creative and impressive way and we can’t wait to see the finished results! The collaborative mural, which will read ‘Welcome to the PT Hub’, has been designed so that each letter will be decorated by a different student or staff member. This will showcase individual originality and imagination! Just look at these incredible accomplishments so far 🌟.

Highlights from this half term

Creative corner

One of our Hubsters got very creative this half term and made dog leads for his prized toys Ben and Max! He crafted the superb leads using colourful ribbon, gems and embellishments. The leads were not just functional; they were little masterpieces, reflecting the sparkling creativity of their maker. Our Hubster proudly paraded his plush friends around the Hub and they received lots of admiration from staff and peers alike.


Two of our students were lucky enough to learn how to make their very of sword and shield out of wood! ⚔️ 🛡️ Rod showed them how to safely use a coping saw, hammer a nail and sand the wood down to leave a smooth finish! They have been busy planning a story to role play so watch this space 🎥

Collaborative work

We have seen some amazing collaborative work recently. One of our Hubsters led a maths lesson measuring volume and this collective work proved to be a strong method of learning, bringing minds together to solve problems and create. Not only was the leading Hubster empowered but it also enhanced understanding among the students through joint effort and discussion. Similarly, a collaborative drawing activity, with each student contributing through the use of string on a pen, not only encouraged teamwork but also creativity. The collective effort resulted in some well-crafted images of a fish and a flower. However, some of the pictures were not as obvious and provided some giggles at least.

Lord of the Rings Animation

Our number one Lord of the Rings fan put his clay characters into action and created an outstanding stop motion animation. Our Hubster showed great resilience and patience while making his short film and we think he did an amazing job! The imagination of our students is magical ✨.

*See the animation here*


As ever, the Thrive approach is at the heart of what we do here at the PT Hub, and this half term has been no exception. Here’s a quick summary of the activities we’ve undertaken over the past few weeks.

We thoroughly enjoyed coming together for a scavenger hunt around the Hub, where the Hubsters looked for items such as ping pong balls, something pink and lego. We also made some fidget toys using beads and string, which we found very therapeutic. We have been enjoying a variety of activities including Bingo, a blindfolded obstacle course and a game of hide and seek which everybody got involved in! Some of the staff and students got very creative with their hiding spots! Even our Director Becca found a spot where she could not be found (behind the office blinds!). Another popular session was emotions JENGA… we took it in turns to choose a slip of paper and read out a question to answer about ourselves such as, when have you helped someone but it did not go to plan? Name your happiest memory! Name a time when you felt proud of something you achieved. Everyone joined in and encouraged one another 🥰