We can’t believe it is the end of term!

Wow! Where did the last few weeks go?! We broke up today for Easter and the Hubsters and staff are looking forward to a well-earned rest.

Our functional skills English and Maths exams have been running again this week, our Y11 Hubsters have been doing a fantastic job. Even on days that they are finding things difficult, they turn up and do their absolute best.

Thrive in the Hub

This week in our Thrive sessions we have been talking to the Hubsters about how their brain works and which parts of their brains are responsible for certain behaviours. They were able to understand that when the reptilian part of our brains fires up, we lose the ability to use our thinking brain. To avoid this happening we talked about ways that we may be able to discharge these emotions in a healthy way and develop a healthy stress response.


Dominoes are always a big favourite in our Thrive sessions. Such a simple concept gives us the opportunity to teach resilience, patience, collaboration, teamwork and more.


Another huge favourite is kinetic sand. Whether they are Y4 or Y11, the Hubsters always love a session working with it. We even worked out today that we could make bricks out of it – amazing!



This Hubster was so proud of his fundraising idea to earn money to buy a basketball hoop for the Hub. He even took into account the younger Hubsters and requested a height adjustable one. When he saw the timeline story of his project, he was over the moon!


We have spent plenty of time in the Hub garden this week, weeding, watering and more planting. We can’t believe how much our vegetables have grown – we are planning to make a bubble and squeak and some yummy soup out of these greens. And look at our seedlings! We only planted these a couple of weeks ago. With the Hubsters’ love, care and attention, they are doing brilliantly. It won’t be long until we can plant them out in the Hub garden.

There has even been time at break for our very own Emily to take a turn in goal, she managed a couple of saves.


Home Cookery


Our Hubsters are currently studying for either Level 1 or Level 2 Btec Home cooking. This week the recipes have been shepherds pie and pork chops. Don’t they look delicious! The Hubsters enjoyed eating them just as much as they did making them.

This is our new display in our Food tech room, all made from scratch by one of our very creative teachers.


Individual learning spaces

Each Hubster has their own individual learning space that we encourage them to personalise. They use this workspace to work on their academic subjects with their one to one specialist teacher. Each space is different and we love to see how each hubster choses to express themselves.

The Hub family is getting bigger by the week. We have been joined by 2 new primary Hubsters in the last two weeks and this means more rainbow clouds on our wall. Each Hubster makes a cloud and the rainbow stripes are all things that they are good at, or positive traits. We will soon have to start on another wall!


We look forward to sharing another update with you next term. Have a great Easter everyone and thank you for taking the time to read about the Hub.