Mental Health awareness week


As you may know, this week is mental health awareness week. What better time for Becca Morgan our Director and DSMHL (Designated Senior Mental Health Lead) to receive her certificate for completing the Thrive ‘Strategic Approach to Whole School Emotional Health and Wellbeing’ qualification. Not only is she skilled in recognising and supporting the well-being of the Hubsters, she is also now trained to develop and implement a Strategic approach to whole school emotional health and well-being.

Well-being has been the focus recently in the Hub. Exams and assessments all take their toll on anyone’s mental health, especially those who already have their own difficulties in this area.

PT Points


We believe that a great way to cultivate a positive atmosphere in the Hub is through praise and recognition of achievement – no matter how small and seemingly insignificant.

To counter the stress of impending exams and academic pressure, PT points provides the Hubsters with instant recognition and reward for their efforts. PT points are awarded daily by each Hubster’s one to one teacher and they can chose to ‘cash them in’ for a small reward, or save them for a bigger gift.

We surprised the Hubsters with an unexpected treasure hunt when they got back from their basketball session. They found a note stuck on the door and they had to follow the clues hidden in and around the Hub, which lead them to the ‘treasure’ – a re-stocked PT points shop.

Thrive in the Hub

Everyone, without exception, Hubsters and teachers alike, loves our daily Thrive sessions. They are always filled with laughter, creativity, positivity, love, empathy, and genuine support for one another. These pictures need little explanation but show just how the thrive approach is instrumental in our ability to build such trusting and lasting relationships.

Everyone adored meeting Fleur, the one year old Sprocker, we think she has made some friends for life here in the Hub.


We firmly believe that each of our hubsters is capable of achieving their potential, given the right conditions and support. Many come to us after being excluded from multiple schools, or feel that they have been let down by the mainstream education system. Some have not been accessing lessons for months because they have dysregulated on a daily basis in school and spend the majority of their time causing problems in the corridors or sometimes even on the school roof!

It is such a joy and gives us great reward to see a hubster producing written work that we know they haven’t been producing in school. And even more joy to receive a confirmation for another Hubster of their practical GCSE PE grade – 32 out of 35! They should be on track for a Level 9 – a fabulous achievement!


The Hub garden is really thriving now. We have been harvesting our cabbages this week and hope to make Cabbage and potato soup with our homegrown produce. And what a lovely compliment to hear a dog-walker say that she chooses to walk past the Hub on her daily outing as it always ‘looks so beautiful outside’.

The Hubsters have been making terracotta vegetable markers and have been making clay decorations to add some colour to our sensory garden. Even the most reluctant Hubsters joined in!

Home Cookery

There are some very talented Hubsters, who love baking and cooking. We are now entering 2 more into Home Cooking Btec. It is a delight to see and taste some of their creations.

We look forward to sharing another update with you next week. Please do get in touch with us if you have any comments or questions about the Hub, we love to hear your feedback! x