Its Friday again! We have had a variety of weathers to be contending with this week but exams have gone ahead as planned, despite the snow. Fingers crossed for the results Hubsters 😊
As it has been quite a stressful week with exams, we have planned lots of creative Thrive activities. The Hubsters really enjoyed making these marbled Easter eggs, using shaving foam. They found the origami umbrellas tricky but persevered and how impressive do they look?
Our basketball-loving Hubster Jensen was thrilled to see the display created of the story of the basketball hoop. It features the initial email he sent to Becca requesting that he fund-raise to finance it and the pictures of the pizza sale day, right through to him assembling and testing out the hoop. We can’t wait to hear new ideas from other Hubsters, one Hubster has asked Becca if she can sell cup cakes to finance some flowers for the Hub garden. Updates to follow.
And finally, look at this beautiful salt memories jar. We created this with one of our new primary Hubsters. We asked him to think about nice memories and each colour depicts a different memory. He even created some glitter layers, fabulous work!
Same time next week for our update, see you then.