Welcome to this edition of our Hub newsletter! These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of fun activities and exciting developments. With the turn of the season bringing us better weather, we’ve embraced the opportunity to step out and enjoy more of our learning experiences in the great outdoors. Join us as we recap some of the amazing accomplishments of our Hubsters.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of our Hubsters created a nature scavenger hunt for everyone. Off they went to uncover and tick off as many items on the list as possible! Being outside has so many benefits and everyone had such a fantastic time exploring and learning new facts about the environment around them 🤩.

Soap Making

The better weather has meant we can all enjoy some fresh air throughout the day. One of our Hubsters went on his very own nature hunt to find different flowers, herbs and leaves to make some nature inspired soap. He melted the soap before pouring it into the moulds and then added his finds from the hunt. Our student then wrote out some cards to add to them for presents for his family. Such an amazing act of kindness 🥰.


Pizza making

Some of our Hubsters embarked on a cooking adventure, crafting homemade pizzas 🍕 with a selection of tomato sauce, ham, pineapple and pepperoni. They measured, mixed and spread, transforming simple ingredients into delightful creations. This pizza-making session was more than just about cooking; it was a learning experience that cultivated life skills from following recipes to managing time. It provided students with a sense of achievement as they mastered the art of pizza making! Smiles and full tummies all round 😋


Our resident Plant Doctor is not only busy in the Plant Hospital but he has also been planting vegetables. He carefully sowed bulbs 🌱 into the soil and watered them generously. We can’t wait to see them grow! I wonder what we are going to make with them once they are ready?

Some of our other Hubsters have been working as a team to dig a hole ready to put in the composter we were kindly gifted (see link below for the composter). Everyone worked hard digging with all their might. Team work really does make the dream work here at The Hub!

How Subpod Works | Wormery | Compost Bin | Vermicomposting

Pamper Studio


Pursuing her dream, one of our Hubsters is in the process of setting up her own pamper studio within The Hub. With her desired colour scheme chosen, ‘Project Pamper Studio’ has commenced! Using some design technology skills including sanding and painting, our Hubster has created a fabulous nail bar. Keep watching this space for the final results….

Creative Corner

One of our Hubsters made some resin key chains for his pet dogs. He added the resin and glitter into the moulds before setting it with a UV light and used the timer to tell him when they were finished. We think they were a huge success!

Food Technology Assessment Preparations

Did you know we offer opportunities for our students to complete their Food Technology qualification? Our students are busy preparing for their final assessments by choosing two course meals to cook. They have also been evaluating and sharing their recipes with each other, which has not only enhanced their learning experience but has encouraged a sense of ownership and motivation.


During one of our thrive sessions, we made plate mazes! We planned out the maze and then used straws and pipe cleaners to create them. We shared our creations with each other to see if we could complete each other’s mazes.