Welcome to this week’s newsletter, where we shine a light on the exceptional accomplishments of our Hubsters! 🌟 We’re thrilled to share some highlights with you and we think you will agree how remarkable they are!

We have a number 1 Lord of the Rings fan in the hub! 🧝As always, we try and tailor learning to the interests of our students and this week was no exception! Here are some of our characters made from air dry clay. These will be used to create an animation and top trumps cards. Can you guess what/who some of the models are!? 💍🌳🔥👁️🧔🏼‍♀️

We have a student who LOVES role-playing in our kitchen/shop. His favourite supermarket is Lidl. When our local Lidl found out, they kindly donated lots of posters, price stickers and signs and even some uniform! We are so grateful to be in such a lovely and encouraging community and our Hubster has been in his absolute element 🛍️🛒🧾💰

During one of our Thrive sessions this week, we played a great team building game called ‘the floor is lava’. The children had to work as a team to get across the lava using only two planks of wood. They were so quick that they even managed to beat the adults! Their success was not measured merely by speed but by the richness of their collaboration and their incredible communication!

One of our students has shown an interest in plants 🌱 so we have used this to engage in a cross curricular approach to learning! We have set up our very own Hub Plant Hospital, where he checks on sick plants. We read the concerns and get to work on providing care for the plant. On Thursday we hosted an official Grand Opening and preparations for the event included writing ✍️ invitations and making posters. We’re not just about fixing wilting leaves or droopy stems, we’re about empowering children to become the best plant caregivers they can be! Caring for plants helps build empathy and compassion; learning to nurture and respect living things. It develops a sense of responsibility and pride as they watch the plants thrive. 🌱 💚 We were also very lucky to have a special guest attend, local businessman John Meynell who runs a delightful shop in Finkle Street Richmond, who cut the ribbon with our Hubster ✂️. John was so impressed with our Plant Hospital and has enhanced our student’s interest even further giving some of his top tips for nurturing plants. He very kindly brought along some seeds that our Hubster can start planting now and John also presented him with a beautiful bee hotel gift. We really are so fortunate to be surrounded by such a supportive community.