Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful festive break. It’s been so good to have everyone back, refreshed and recharged. As we embark on a new year filled with possibilities, we want to keep you informed and engaged with all the incredible activities and achievements here in the PT Hub.

One of our pupils has been busy re-creating his trip to Centre Parcs by designing, making and labelling a 3D map of the park. He used a variety of resources and different textures. How amazing is this!

Last week we introduced Gratitude Journals, designed by our very own Hub Manager. Each session we have been checking in with how we feel physically and emotionally and learning about how to express gratitude. We hope this will help us to promote positive mindsets. A great way to start 2024!

During our Thrive sessions, we have been reflecting on the moments we were most proud of in 2023 and discussing our goals for 2024.


‘My proudest moment of 2023 was my attendance at the Hub being 100% and I have done more work than ever’ – K

‘My proudest moment of 2023 was learning to put my happiness before other people in some situations’ – C

‘My goals for 2024 are to get my moped licence and get a part-time job’ – J

‘My goals for 2024 are to help my mum around the house more and continue coming to the Hub as it’s going well for me’ – K