We couldn’t be more proud of the Hubsters this week. We opened the doors on their pizza making enterprise and it was a huge success.

The profit the Hubsters make will be used to fund their end of term treat. So the more profit they make, the better the treat! Each Hubster had an important job to do, from lighting and keeping the oven going, to prepping the pizzas, taking orders and delivering the pizza. Without exception, we have never seen them so engaged and motivated. They worked so hard and never gave up – despite the weather conditions.

Without really realising it they have worked out profit and loss, used mental maths, money handling, adding and subtracting, communication skills to name but a few.

We will next be opening our doors for pizza Friday on 28th February. The atmosphere was great in the Hub. Everyone mucking in and working as a team and the pizza was a huge success. Feedback from our customers was excellent.

Many of the Hubsters were enjoying themselves so much they were reluctant to go home. Nixon was our little superstar.

He lit the wood fired oven and refused to leave his post until all the pizzas were done – even during the snow storm! Hand delivering piping hot pizza to a local business. We are so proud of our 5 star hygiene rating. Working out the cost of our pizzas and how much profit they will make if they sell 15 pizzas. Thrive We have spent a lot of time in our Thrive sessions lately looking at what makes us different from each other.

The Hubsters were very sensible with their discussions and were able to understand the need in today’s society to be aware and respect others who are different from them.

This will help the Hubsters be tolerant of each other in the Hub and also in in the wider community. We challenged the Hubsters to see who could make the tallest structures out of marshmallows and straws. We were pretty impressed with their efforts. At the end of each half-term we allow the Hubsters to cash in their PT points. These 3 Hubsters chose to go to the cafe with their teachers and get a milkshake and a yummy chocolate egg. This Hubster loved having his nails painted during his Thrive session. He was also kind enough to paint Emily’s nails in return. This is a Hubster’s record of his time in the Hub, how he feels that it has benefitted him and what he has achieved while he has been with us.