Welcome back to the final half-term of the academic year! We have an exciting and busy few weeks ahead. Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks 😊.


Our young chefs are straight back to business, eagerly diving into the kitchen. Mouthwatering aromas have filled the Hub! Our Hubsters have been cooking up a storm and we have seen a hearty spaghetti bolognaise, and baked delights of cookies and fairy cakes all during the first few days back 😋. How lucky are we!

Getting out and about

One of our Hubsters excitedly ventured into the woods on a nature trail last week. As she walked, she discovered a stick that was even longer than her teacher, and she couldn’t help but laugh at the amusing size comparison! Further along the trail, our Hubster found a delicate feather and a patch of wildflowers, so many uncovered hidden treasures 🌸🌳.

National Sausage Roll Day

Any excuse to be in the Hub kitchen! Our Hubsters made their own sausage rolls, from sausage style pasties, sausage swirls to traditional sausage rolls! And they all tasted absolutely delicious 😋.

Horses at the Hub

Talk about arriving in style, one of our Hubsters arrived at the Hub with her horses for us all to enjoy and meet! Everyone loved seeing and patting Blue and Buzz. Such beautiful and friendly horses.

Dream Catcher

One of our Hubsters has welcomed a new baby brother into his family and was eager to make a dream catcher to hang over him while he sleeps 💤 ☁️ 🌈. He used a variety of resources including wool, feathers and beads and selected calming colours. What a kind and caring big brother 🥰.

Shapes in our environment

Off on a learning adventure, one of our Hubsters spent his morning searching for 2D and 3D shapes in the local environment. He noticed a triangular bicycle sign and oval shaped leaves. He also spotted a cylinder-shaped roundabout at the park! Our Hubster was amazed at how many shapes he could find just by paying attention to his environment. He also made a poster showcasing them upon his return to the Hub 🍃.

Pamper Studio

The Pamper Studio is complete and is looking fabulous! It has been a busy and popular area of the Hub and one of our new students enjoyed getting her nails done by our very own beautician. This serene area has allowed our Hubster to work on her passion whilst treating other students to some well earned pampering. Positive benefits all around 🥰.

🎶🚗 Working at the car wash 🚗🎶

One of our Hubsters was keen to help out members of staff by giving their cars a good clean and polish! They’re gleaming so much that staff will be able to see their reflection in them ✨ what a kind gesture from a kind student 🥰.


Rummikub seems to be the new “in” game at The Hub. The aim of the game is to be the first player to go “Rummikub” by using all your tiles in “runs” or “groups” and by accumulating the highest score. Concentration levels have been high amongst Hubsters and strategic play at the forefront. Who was able to outwit their opponents with cool strategy and sharp moves!

Painting party

We decided to try the tik tok trend of swapping paintings every five minutes. We had to use our imagination to add/change and adapt what we had while being sensitive to others feelings. As we went on, more and more of our students and staff couldn’t resist and also joined in the challenge. The result was beautiful paintings and ideas that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. Working together can produce amazing results! 🎨 👩‍🎨 🖼️