This case study celebrates PT Hub’s success in helping a young person in Local Authority care turn her life around and find the path to her dreams. 

Sophia’s Story

Sophia is the first to admit she was a ‘naughty’ pupil at school. Most teens go through a rebellious phase, but her feelings are more deep-seated. She felt nobody would listen, misunderstood by her teachers, and, as a result, would fail to turn up for class. Ultimately, her truancy became such that she failed to go to school for almost five months, ‘bunking off’ rather than walking through the school gates. 

This was when her disappearance from class was eventually seen as a problem that needed to be solved. Sophia joined the PT Hub family – an alternative setting for young people requiring specialist individual teaching. 


The PT Hub

The PT Hub offers alternative education to primary and secondary school pupils with social, emotional, and mental heath needs. Most of the children have or are waiting for an education, health and care plan (EHCP).

What makes the PT Hub special is the inclusive teaching approach in a nurturing, calm and supportive environment. Each child is treated as an individual, working one-to-one with a dedicated teacher.

The syllabus covers academic subjects, as well as creative subjects such as art, photography, cooking, and the environment.    


Sophia’s Journey

Sophia admits she was daunted by the traditional classroom situation. She was more confident and talkative in small group settings, and would shy away from class interactions, afraid of failing.  Since starting at the Hub, an ADHD specialist setting, Sophia has received a diagnosis of ADHD. The personalised one to one teaching has helped Sophia blossom and, in her words, ‘mature’. So much so, Sophia is not afraid of taking on a leadership role, and mentoring new students at the PT Hub, making them feel more comfortable. Sophia says attending the Hub has created in her a work ethic for getting things done and opened up opportunities to achieve her goal of establishing her own beauty salon.   


Sophia’s Goal

As part of the learning at PT Hub, Sophia and her teacher put together a portfolio of the beauty work she did in class, and that lead to a placement with a local beauty salon. Sophia visits the salon three days a week, and over the nine months since she started, the owner Noreece has seen a great improvement. 

According to Noreece, Sophia has shown an aptitude and eye for detail rarely seen so early in the career of a beauty therapist.

In the beginning Sophia was taught about studio hygiene, and time keeping by running the owner’s diary. Sophia is learning important lessons in business administration having been tasked with consolidating sales, to look at the profitability of the salon services. She has become a much-loved member of the team and respected by clients. Owner, Noreece sees Sophia’s potential and knows she will benefit from accredited training and is so impressed with her that she has offered her an apprenticeship!


Sophia has come a long way since she walked through the doors of PT Hub for the first time. In the nine months of work placement, she has blossomed, and with an offer of an apprenticeship has her first foot on the ladder to reaching her goal. Director Becca Morgan, says ‘All of the PT Hub family are extremely proud of Sophia’s achievements.  She genuinely deserves this opportunity, and I am not surprised that she has been offered an apprenticeship.  She has had 100% attendance and has shown commitment and professionalism during her work placement.  Sophia is one of the most driven young people we have had in the Hub, and I can see her flourishing as an entrepreneur.  I have told her that I can’t wait to visit her future salon for a treatment.’


For More Details

PT Hub is based in Catterick, North Yorkshire, and can be contacted on 01748 352100.