Welcome back to all our staff and Hubsters! We hope everybody had a restful half-term and is ready for another action-packed, fun-filled few weeks ahead.

We wished our Hub manager a very Happy Birthday last week. Our Hubsters kindly baked some delicious cupcakes, which were pleasantly decorated and arranged to spell out ‘Happy Bday Em’. The students and staff chorused the birthday melody, and the room was filled with warmth and appreciation. Another Hubster also created some delightful gifts using fimo clay. We really do have the kindest students 🥰.

Our number one Lord of the Rings fan put his clay characters into action last week and created an outstanding stop-motion animation. Our Hubster showed great resilience and patience while making his short film and we think it looks absolutely brilliant! The imagination of our students is magical ✨.

👉 Watch it here: https://facebook.com/PTHubColburn/posts/412944014578165

For some children, trying new things can be very daunting. We are so proud of one of our Hubsters for stepping out of his comfort zone to explore the Hub and try new things. We were treated to a puppet show and he can’t wait to have another go this week with a new storyline. He created some magical potions too using ingredients such as paint, washing up liquid and shaving gel 🧑🏻‍🔬🎪.

An exciting opportunity came up at our busy Plant Hospital for a new plant Doctor! One of our Hubsters wrote a job application and our Senior Doctor conducted an interview with the student asking a range of questions to determine if they were suitable for the role. The applicant had the skills and qualities we were looking for in a great plant doctor and was hired! Huge congratulations on your new role! We think you will be a fantastic addition 🌱🌿.


For some of our thrive sessions last week, we thoroughly enjoyed coming together for a scavenger hunt around the Hub, where the Hubsters looked for items such as ping pong balls, something pink and lego. We also made some fidget toys using beads and string, which we found very therapeutic.