Becca Morgan


Becca is the Managing Director and mum to the PT family.  She is a qualified Primary teacher, who specialised in early years and has a degree in music.  She is a serial entrepreneur, starting her first venture when she was just seven years old. Becca is mum to five children – all now grown up.  She started Principal Teachers when her children were all very young and now three of her daughters work with her in the PT team.

As well as starting PT over 20 years ago, Becca also created the PT Hub after demand became clear in the locality.  The Hub provides education for the most vulnerable students, who are experiencing SEMH difficulties. We use the THRIVE approach to re-engage our Hubsters and to create a safe space, where they feel valued and part of a family.

The team speak highly of Becca, one team member said that she believed ‘Becca has created an amazing business because she is genuine, empathetic, compassionate, kind and understanding and is the heart and soul of PT’.  Other team members describe her as ‘relaxed, hard-working, tenacious and loves tea!’